Order Funnel Map

At Funnel Maestro, each of our funnels are custom. However, each funnel starts with a map. Please select which of the two maps below interests you the most.

Watch an example of a simulation here

Funnel Map
$150per month
  • 1 Custom funnel map delivered in Png format. Requires one 30 minute call.
  • Note: Refunded if we are hired to build out your funnel.

Full Custom Funnel Buildout

Every funnel we develop is custom, as a result, prices vary. 80% of our funnels range from $4k – $8k. Please note, we do not work with everyone. We know exactly who we can help and who we can’t. If you are interested in us evaluating your company to see if you are a fit, please fill out the brief questionnaire below.

*We do not do video producing/editing.

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Monthly Funnel Optimization

Every funnel needs optimization. Ad creative needs to stay fresh and landing pages and email campaigns need to be analyzed for maximum performance. Our monthly optimization plans will ensure your funnel is running at its top performance.

*Please note, there is an extra charge for optimizing funnels we didn’t build, please contact us for a custom quote.

Our Funnel Optimization Services include:

  • Optimizing
    • Existing FB ad copy
    • Sales pages
    • Drip campaigns
    • Any other funnel related traffic generator (i.e. chatbots)
    • Account Audit
    • Market Research
    • Event Tracking
    • Custom Events
    • Custom Audiences
    • Catalog Configuration
    • Advance Audience Insight
    • Custom Creatives
    • Ad Copy
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Strategy Development
    • Campaign Reconfiguration
  • Ensure technical functionality of funnel remains intact
  • Review numbers throughout the funnel and optimize for performance
  • Weekly performance updates along with a list of optimization changes
Simple Transparent Pricing
$1,299 + Ad management*per month
  • *Ask us for our ad management pricing table

Refund Policy

Since this is a provided service, there are no refunds offered. No portion of any payment of any kind whatsoever shall be owed or be repayable.